Medicare Millionaire / Premier FMO

Sales Training at it’s best combined with the nations top FMO
I believe this is the best FMO opportunity in America today. First of all, you align yourself with one of the largest FMO. Second and equally important, you access one of the top insurance sales trainers in America.

Top contracts with lots of room for agency development commissions

Dedicated personnel. You will get the service you need. Phone calls will be answered!

Free quoting software for Medicare, Term, Final Expense, Indemnity and more...

Whether you sell face-to-face or over the phone we have the tools to support you! First of all, we have all the products that you need and, as stated previously, the highest commissions available on those products. We also have fantastic tools such as Medicare Center and CSG Actuarial (both of these services are free). This technology will simplify your business flow and improve your ability to quickly quote and write new business.

What can Medicare Center do for you?

A revolutionary tool for selling Medicare advantage. This program enables you to quote, scope, and close Medicare advantage sales like nobody’s business. Most notably, Medicare Center enables you to use an extremely useful email scope of appointment that can be completed in about 60 seconds. This one scope of appointment enables you to sell Medicare advantage for the top companies in America. Eliminating the biggest hassles of selling Medicare advantage over the phone no longer will you be stuck selling only Medicare Supplements over the phone. This is critical as Medicare Advantage now has market share over 35% and growing fast. It’s time to incorporate this into your arsenal of products.

Leads! Leads! Leads!

Yes, we provide lead support like any other FMO. However, Medicare Millionaire helps you develop your own in-house lead systems. We believe in teaching you how to fish versus feeding you a few meals. All too often, I have seen agents have the rug pulled out from under their feet, depending on others to build their business. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to those who depend on you to build your own business.

We will help you build direct mail campaigns, telemarketing campaigns and social media campaigns that you control.

Answer the D@#n Phone!

What is the point of having a business relationship with a company that will not answer your call? All too often, this is the case. We have dedicated personnel, dedicated to you, dedicated to your success. There are times when things get busy or hectic and calls are not returned in a timely manner. This should be the exception. If we don’t return a call, callback and let us know about it. If that call is not returned, there is a problem and it will be addressed. It is only fair that you, as a broker, receive the service you deserve.
Understand that the FMO works for you, they are there to serve your business needs. We have two individuals with Premiere that manage Medicare Millionaire contracting. One of those two is dedicated almost exclusively to Medicare Millionaire. We expect that you will be pleasantly surprised at the level of professionalism and competence our team possesses. I also expect, that you will contact me directly if we fall short of those expectations.
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Medicare Millionaire/Premier FMO

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