This is your opportunity to build the business of your dreams.  It starts with one agent making one sale to one customer, there is no limit after this is mastered.  Whether it’s developing a dynamic single producer agency, a high volume inbound lead machine or a team of super producers, this is the launching pad for all those possibilities (and more).

We will cover all phases of building a successful agency, including but not limited to the items listed below:

  • Webinars
  • Multiple Skype meetings every week
  • Open office hours (Three hours on Skype) each Monday Morning
  • Personal Goal Plan with Nick
  • Not just coaching, but a community
  • Contest prizes of significant cash value! (for agents under FMO)
  • Lead vendor reviews (naming names!)
  • Trained telemarketer provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST!!! (Are you kidding me?)
  • Best practices for training telemarketers
  • Almost daily LIVE agent training sessions 
  • Vendor discounts
  • Tech consulting: Web design consulting,Video production and  Social media 
  • Fitness mentoring as well (you can’t win the game if you’re sick) Not part of the normal events of the program
  • Agency CRM Training (Zoho and Google Drive)
  • Manage database
  • Track commissions (Our best advice on this one)
  • And more…  again, we will cover any and all areas of our industry

RWC Principles

The following are the principles of the Road Warrior Club.  If they are consistent with the principles of the business you are trying to build, please proceed to the signup page.


Principle #1 – We are always selling, not searching

  • Not looking for opportunities, we create them
  • We don’t chase products, leads, commissions
    • When you’re big hitter, these things are being thrown at you
    • “If you build it, they will come”
    • We don’t need to, as we create success and everything comes to us

Principle #2 – We don’t waste money on leads, we always have more than we need

  • We don’t need “Great Leads” (A great salesman doesn’t need great leads)
  • We don’t need it to be easy.  We’ll create “easy” through methodical hard work
  • We will, when all is said and done, have the very best leads (because we will have the financial resources necessary to procure those leads)

Principle #3 – We blame no one for our failures, NEVER!  We give no credit to anyone for our success!

  • If we buy leads and they suck, that’s our fault.  If we buy into a marketing program and it sucks, that’s our fault.  
  • We will exploit these lead/product vendors with a team effort and share this information so as to not have duplicate failures
  • We will build our own in-house lead/marketing programs and no longer worry about false promises from outside vendors

Principle #4 – We will help our fellow agents be successful

  • This will be one of the most important achievements of our lives.  For many its the achievement of a dream.  
  • It’s creating financial freedom for our families   
  • It’s being financially rewarded commensurate with our efforts and expertise.
  • We owe it to our fellow agents (that are part of our team) to help them share in this great opportunity

Principle #5 – We have a gameplan.  We know exactly what we are doing

  1. Build a base at any cost (no matter how hard it is or how long it takes).  Usually this is in the form of a six-figure renewal income
  2. Once that base is established we start thinking not just as an agent; instead we begin thinking agency and opportunities outside of one agent making one sale to one customer
  3. Through the strength of our shared knowledge, we will then exploit opportunities to explode our income.  

Principle #6 – We will do whatever it takes to be successful

  • We will fully acknowledge our weaknesses so that they may be corrected
  • If necessary, this will include diet, physical fitness, even mental health  
  • If necessary we will give up habits, vices, hobbies, interests, sports, etc…, to create success

Principle #7 – We are dedicated to our craft

  • We are in a constant learning mode
  • Eventually, we will know our products better than everyone else
  • Ever diligent to be the very best
  • Marketing systems, lead management, and tracking, accounting, time management, etc..
  • This includes product knowledge 
  • This includes sales skills
  • This includes business management


The cost of entry into the Road Warriors Club is $295.00, with a $195 monthly renewal fee thereafter.  We are waiving $100.00 off the sign up fee through December 31st 2019.  


Also, if you choose to place business with our FMO, we will eliminate your $195 monthly fee when your revenue consistently exceeds that amount.