90-Day Agency Builder Program

For the next 90 days, you and I are going to be partners!

We are going to get your business on track.


We are going to implement a plan in which you can have confidence and invest 100% of your energy.

Uncertainty will kill your business. We will eliminate this word.

It's all about the leads!

You need leads, and lots of them. The 90-Day Agency Builder Program will help you develop your own lead systems. You will control your future and no longer depend on third parties for your success. You will ultimately create an inbound lead system that will enable you to stop chasing prospects and instead, you have prospects chasing you.

The Four Product Progression

We will teach you the four product progression system that Medicare Millionaire promotes. You will know these products, you will understand how they work and you will be able to sell them. If needed, we will provide you access to all these products and make sure you have top commissions on each and every one of them. In addition, we will assist you in being properly licensed, certified and “ready to sell” each of these products. You will be compliant and confidently move forward in your new business model.

There are three skillsets you must master to run this business.

You must be a great sales person, we will put you on that trajectory.

You must master your products. This will require an ongoing effort on your behalf, we will help you in this process as needed. 

You must be a great manager. We will teach you the systems to manage your time, your prospects, your clients, and your business.

The 90-Day Agency Builder Program will teach you what to put in your business card, how to structure an effective social media campaign, how to use the cookies we put on your website, how to track your leads, what to put in your sales kit, we will provide a telemarketer for you, how to close sales and so so so much more…

Most importantly, you need to get your head into the game, you need to be prepared, you need to have the right attitude, you need to be highly motivated that you are gonna make this happen with zero doubt. This is of the utmost importance, more so than any other service or feature that the 90-day program offers. We will help you go forward and build the business of your dreams.

All programs will resume January 01, 2020.