"Hi, I'm Nick Williams! I'm here to show you how to methodically build a successful insurance agency. Leading by example, I'll show you how I'm building mine."

-Nick Williams


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"Let me show you how to replace doubt, anxiety and worry with confidence and certainty by way of a proven, predictable business model. Not just providing the business model, but working with you, side by side, to implement and see the plan to fruition."

About Nick

My journey to creating Medicare Millionaire has been a somewhat long and somewhat eventful. In order to find some sort of direction and following the trend of military service in my family, I joined the US Navy at age 18 (almost every male in my family; my brother,...

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The Price of Success

What is the cost of success? For some, it is not a question they ask, it’s simply a bell they answer. For others a puzzle, for which they have no clue how to answer. Let’s compare the typical insurance agent to an Olympic athlete. Sound ridiculous to you? It...

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Agent vs. Agency

Do you need to build an agency vs. just becoming a strong personal producer? You don’t, but here is my reason that you should. Also, keep in mind, just you alone, if you're producing at a high level in an insurance agency, you’re going to need support to process high...

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The Perfect “Marketing” Storm

Why I believe I have the perfect business model! I choose to work in the senior insurance market for many reasons.  First of all, there is the age triggered Medicare need. Almost all seniors consider age 65 a pivotal turning point in which they need to address their...

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